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HATM has been a supporting member of the society and perform its corporate social responsibility to its maximum extent. We participated in making remarkable life change in community by rebuilding residences, bridges and sewerage pipes. In recent times we pay our support for our sub city in supporting schools with equipment, buildings and other necessary items for educational purposes

For Covid-19 case company has done an exemplary and model work. The moment the disease considered as pandemic, HATMPlc management conducted an extraordinary meeting and discussed on this specific agenda and outlined the precautions to be taken. As resolution of the meeting it is agreed and decided the Human Resource management to follow the status of the world trend, signs symptoms do and don’ts, and notice all members of the company timely.Once it was recognized case was identified in the nation, management again did an extra ordinary meeting and posted the following assignments to be done in the soonest time possible:

→ Scheduling the canteen service time, to minimize number of cafeteria at a time so that social distancing possible

→ To install hand washing facilities in gates and identified areas in the factory To avail hand washing soap and to distribute sanitizer individually to each employee

→ To arrange an immediate mini-media and communicate the preventive mechanisms and update world and local statuses

→ To identify company’s employees who are having side diseases like diabetic, high blood pressure, heart cases and others and also to those employees who can be easily affected as a result of age

→ To hire additional service cars so that employees comfortably come and go

→ To consider the nearby community and define the what the company do

→ To consider the citizens of Addis and allocating hand washing facilities with soap and monitoring the supply and distribution daily, etc.

→ Immediately imported the temperature gauge and also mask to its employees’

In practicing all the points mentioned above the company crafted COVID-19 prevention guideline and immediately started the operation.The green area plantation in and around our company is one of the environmental protection activity. The company is intensively working on the greening of the land found in the road side of the company dedicating financial and human resource. We transfer fair share of our profit for national and regional pandemic, economic crisis, stewardship arrangements and other contributions. In conclusion, we spend 27,029,257.63 birr in total for the above mentioned tasks between 2010 and 2015 budget year.