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Addis Tyre S.C. (ATC) Founded

Addis Tyre Factory is founded in the year 1972 by his Emperor Hailesilasse the first. The company is established with a yearly production capacity of 60,000 tyres using bias technology and 45,000 inner tubes with a total labor force of 260 people. Major inputs and raw materials for tyre manufacturing are imported from Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Egypt and Europe. Natural Rubber is one of the major inputs. The core business activity of ATC was the manufacture and sale of diagonal tyres and inner tubes. The production range was primarily divided between passenger tyres (From 12’’ to 14’’) , Light Truck Tyres (14’’ to 16’’) and Truck and Bus Tyres (20’’).

MATADOR-Addis Tyre S.C

After subsequent joint venture formation (61% Matador and 39% Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Authority (PPESA)),  between Addis Tyre S.C. (Government Owned) and the Slovakian renowned tyre manufacturer, MATADOR –A.T.S. was established in June 2004 and the operation commenced in July 2004 with the hybrid trade name MATADOR-Addis Tyre S.C. Core business activity is to produce bias tyres that are previously in production by ATC and passenger and Light truck tyres by using radial technology from Matador.

Horizon Addis Tyre Manufacturing PLC

In 2011 MATADOR was sold globally then Matador Addis Tyre has transferred its share to Horizon plantation PLC which is a member of Midroc Investment Group (MIG).Since the ownership transferred to HPPLC, the name of the company changed to Horizon Addis Tyre S. C. and currently the Horizon Plantation P.L.C owns 100% share of the company. After HPPLC takeover took over the company from the Ethiopian government, it moved its focus towards achieving and maintaining quality of products and increase customer satisfaction. To this frontier, it performs numerous improvements to its production equipment and technical expertise. Furthermore, to improve product quality and fulfill technical skill gap identified, the company has entered into contractual agreement on support with Continental Tyre. This has tremendous effect on product innovation, productivity, product quality and technical skill, hence, increase customer satisfaction. Afterwards, HATM moves its focus to new tyre type innovation, industrialization and production projects by using latest technology of radial and bias tyres. By implementing this project, HATM has increased its product type from 4 types to 11 in categories and developed more than 54 types of tyre which allows the company to have more market share.

The product types that are made by Horizon Addis Tyre Manufacturing are tyres, tubes and flaps for passenger cars, light truck cars, trucks and bus, farm, industrial and construction machineries, Military vehicles and other rubber accessories. The different products in the marketing mix of Horizon Addis Tyres Manufacturing within each category are shown below:

  • Three wheeler tyres
  • Passenger car tyres
  • Light truck tyres
  • Trucks and buses tyres
  • Farm or Agriculture tyres
  • Industrial Tyres
  • Construction Tyres:
  • Flotation Tyres
  • Military Tyre and Rubber accessories