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HATMPLC Locally develops and manufactures all types of bias and radial tyres which are perfectly compatible to Ethiopia and African countries; by utilizing skillful and experienced professionals and by investing in the advanced technology and supply its output with fair price for the purpose of supporting the transport, farming, manufacturing industry and construction sectors of Ethiopia and the neighboring countries.


Being a leading brand in Ethiopia and known in Africa, HATMPLC secures and ensures 60% market share in the local market and 10% of its production volume export to East-African countries in the year 2025 EC.

Since HATM is the only tyre industry in Ethiopia and east Africa, it is very difficult to get skilled manpower in tyre industry. By identifying this risk, HATM has inaugurate Employee Capacity Building and System Assurance department with the whole purpose of maintain all certifications and address employee training requirements based on training assessment needs.  Furthermore, HATM has developed knowledge sharing procedure to share company developed knowledge and skill throughout the company. HATM has been organizing and funding international company visits and training section to its management and experts to identify and grasp international knowledge and new trends in tyre industries and document them in knowledge management in the form of reporting. Moreover, to fully utilized company knowledge, the company has paired long serving and specialized employees with new employees to transfer unique knowledge by using on-the-job training and class room sessions. This allows abundant information flow, specialized skill and knowledge transfer and develop equipped, effective, and effective, well-disciplined work force, hence, improved productivity.